How I met neuroinformatics

Previously working at the Brain & Spine institute (or Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière i.e. ICM in french), I was exposed to neuroinformatics. This discipline is an excellent example of what means data science today. What is neuroinformatics ? Basically, neuroinformatics could be defined as bioinformatics applied to neurology. The reason to … Continue reading How I met neuroinformatics

How Evernote changed my life (well, almost…)

Disclamer : I have no tie with Evernote behind being one of their customer. This article was not commended by Evernote and I didn't receive any gratification for it. It is an independent article, written by just-another-user who like this tool and want to share about it. A few years ago, I started to use … Continue reading How Evernote changed my life (well, almost…)

Intelligent AI is not for tomorrow

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a conference of Yann LeCun, famous researcher and director of Facebook laboratory in artificial intelligence (FAIR), talked about AI and its future. It was (unfortunately) not technical at all but very interesting to have the point of view of one of the most knowledgeable person on … Continue reading Intelligent AI is not for tomorrow

Is biology bankable in the AI world ?

  When reading blogs and news about AI and especially machine learning applications, I don't see so much applications in biology. Predicting market parameters, creating recommendation systems or developing autonomous vehicles are common applications detailed in blogs of the AI sphere, but biology seems to be less present. Is biology less interesting or less bankable … Continue reading Is biology bankable in the AI world ?

5 things to know to feed your machine learning model healthy

As always, my examples come from the field of biology, but they easy be extended to other fields. Everything is end up with a vector First, let's remind the usual data format for a machine learning method. Most of the algorithms take vectors as input. A vector represent one "individual" i.e. a sample. Examples of … Continue reading 5 things to know to feed your machine learning model healthy

When machine learning invades biology

After giving an intuition of what machine learning is, it is time to discuss what machine learning can do. Of course Machine learning has plenty of applications in many fields and will have more in the coming years, but let's focus on biology. In this article I will differentiate three levels : the technical level, … Continue reading When machine learning invades biology

What the hell is Machine learning ?

When I talk about my work, many people wonder what machine learning is. Although “a kind of AI” is an acceptable short answer, I think the field deserve a better one. In this post, I will not defined machine learning, there are dictionaries or wikipedia for that, but I'll try to explain what it is … Continue reading What the hell is Machine learning ?