In Vivo & In Silico

When I explain people what I am doing, many of them are struck by the fact that I never manipulate “real living things”. It is true and I love that ! I love the idea of working on Life (with capital “L”) with totally artificial tools.

Bioinformatics could split into two, biology and computer science. In both sides I found something that attract my interest. And the synergy of the two make my work one of the best of the world !

On the biology side, genomics is my main topic of interest. DNA is the very basic of ourself and I can’t imagine how much information about an organism we may get from it : its “normal” way of working, its specificity compare to others of its own kind, the dynamics of its pathways, how diseases are affecting it… That is the very reason why I remains fascinated by genomics.

On the computer science side, I have a special interest for Machine Learning. First, these methods are efficient to solve complex biological problem. Second, it is -again- an elegant mix-up between artificial things (algorithms, programs …) and biology (based on the way humans learn something). Third, beyond biology, Machine Learning will most probably revolutionize our future and I want to be on board

Finally, this one of the reason why Bioinformatics is so cool : you work in two fields, almost opposite to each other, and you combine them into an almost sci-fi applications. In short, it is a work for geeks !